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On July 27, 1944, after 7 weeks of fighting, the US 90th Infantry Division liberated a small town in the middle of the Cotentin peninsula: PÉRIERS.

A town like so many others, destroyed, bruised but forever grateful.

Since 1971 and for many years after, the people of PÉRIERS have regularly welcome into their homes, with simplicity and warmth, these men who had given them their freedom back.

In 1998, the association “Normandy44-90ème Division US” was created to perpetuate and formalize these unfailing links.

Welcoming veterans and their families, carrying out research for them and their fallen comrades, erecting monuments in their memory in and around the town, and creating a museum on the events linked with the liberation of Périers, some sixty members are still working voluntarily today to ensure that these courageous men and the price of freedom are never forgotten.